Watch Keyshia Cole grind it out on a piano for Birdman [video]


We watched the demise of ex-NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson’s relationship with is wife, singer Keyshia Cole, play out on social media for the past year or so. Keyshia was even arrested last month for assault after she broke into Cash Money records CEO Brian “Baby”/ Birdman Williams’ LA condo and smack up a female guest.

Keyshia won’t be charged for that crime, however it’s still apparent that she has feelings for Birdman. In the wee hours of the morning, Keyshia posted two videos to Instagram dedicated to Baby, which featured her gyrating on a piano, and singing seductively. Of course she deleted them, but you know the game by now:



How do I know that these were  for Birdman? These were the captions she left:




Keyshia’s new reality show will be hitting your airwaves soon.

Video via Sandra Rose