Was LeBron James Down in an Instagram Model’s DM’s?

I’m starting to think its a conspiracy. Every year after LeBron James goes Zero Dark 30 on his social media accounts, he manages to get caught creeping.

Last season Bron hit “like” on an Instagram account called “perfect bootys” during his playoff blackout. The latest, a popular Instagram vixen Rachel Bush posted a screenshot of LeBron going down in her DM.




We have no idea what LeBron’s DM was about or if it was actually him. Plus, there is also the chance that he might have meant to send that to someone else, but I think he should lurk without logging in. Or use a fake one.

Rachel recently attended a Cavs game and sat courtside with another professional athlete, Cleveland Browns Jordan Poyer. To see those photos from her Snapchat, head over to page 2.