Throwback Beef: Sisqo From Dru Hill & Kyle From Jagged Edge Throw Blows [Video]


Back in the 90’s, male R&B groups ran the world… or at least the ladies hearts. They sang about love, heartbreak and everything in between. Jodeci, Boys II Men, 112, Silk, those are just a few of the groups whose songs you’d include on your favorite slow jam mixtape or CD.

Over the weekend, two members of your R&B favs resurrected an old beef and threw hands backstage during a concert in the Bay Area. Sisqo from Dru Hill and Kyle from Jagged Edge had a fisticuffs at the Concord Pavilion where several throwback R&B groups were performing for San Francisco’s KBLX’s Hot Summer Night concert.

Earlier this year, Jagged Edge appeared on “The Breakfast Club” morning show where Kyle stated that he and Sisqo had an old beef. Something to do with not greeting them when they passed each other in an elevator.

I’m sorry, this was too funny not to share! Shout out to my brother J Valentine for the video. He said after the altercation the two shook hands like men.