The Break Room episode 7: Raymond Felton arrested, Groupie Love & NFL Combine [video]


Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline and Jill Munroe get you caught up on the hottest trending stories in the world of Sports and Entertainment. In this episode Rob and Jill talk New York Knicks Raymond Felton arrested on gun possession charges, we have a special guest, Sandrina, you remember her from part of the Dwyane Wade and Lamar Odom scandals.


And we’ll discuss the NFL combine.

 A few highlights from Sandrina’s interview:

On her thoughts about being called a groupie:
You know, that’s a very good thing that I did wanna talk about because there are groupies out there that are bad ones but, then there’s the good groupies that are successful. You know, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian and all of them.

But, my take on the whole groupie thing is that I have a certain group of men that I’m interested in and thus far, it’s been basketball players…NBA players. So, for me, when someone calls me a groupie, I don’t get offended because I do love those group of men..that’s how I take the word groupie . And I’m just like them. Whether they love the dark-skinned girls or the light skinned-girls with big booties and long hair and all these other kind of characteristics that they like; they, themselves are groupies.

So, call me a groupie or call me a jump-off or call me whatever but I love these group of men and I’m not going to stop just because I’m labeled as a groupie.

On her relationship with Dwyane Wade & his baby news:
Well with Dwyane, it was a shock. I didn’t have a clue that my pictures were going around like that. I didn’t even know that he was having a baby, he didn’t tell me.

We are friends and we’ve been friends for close to 10 years now. So it was really heartbreaking in the sense that we have discussed relationships and things and babies and then you come out to find that he had a baby! That was a little bit too much for me to handle.

On whether she discussed having babies and a relationship while Dwyane was with Gabby or Sihovaughn:
It’s so complicated because we started when he was going through some trials and tribulations with his ex-wife and we became friends. And now we’re just friends, I do wanna clarify that. I do have his back.

On relationship with Lamar:
Lamar is another person that’s been in my life for over 10 years.

On his marital problems with Khloe:
Definitely now my take on him trying to [save] the marriage…..he should have thought about all that before he did all of this extra stuff. He choose this life so, he has to deal with it.

On whether she feels bad about dealing with men in relationships:
Well for me it’s just like, there’s no battle. I don’t feel sorry for anyone that’s married or a girlfriend to these athletes because we all know athletes, they do their thing. I haven’t met one athlete that hasn’t had many girls on the side.

So I think when you choose this lifestyle you just have to accept it and go with it. You already know what you’re getting into when you’re dealing with these guys.

And that’s why I just fit in where I need to fit in. I have fun and then I’ll step away. I’m not so much about breaking marriages. I don’t want many of these guys like that.

On people judging her groupie lifestyle choice:
I’m very open and very honest. It is a lifestyle that we choose. Whether you’re the jump-off, the groupie or the basketball player, this is the lifestyle. So judging in this circle doesn’t make sense to me and it doesn’t bother me.

But like you said most of the people that are judging are probably wishing that they could meet half of the people that I meet. It doesn’t bother me at all.
On Gabrielle Union:
Gabrielle is….whatever. I don’t have much to say about her. But I can’t feel sorry and I’m not going to feel sorry for Gabrielle because she just has more money than me, and a career and that acting world, that’s the only difference.

But I’m not feeling sorry for anyone. No one is feeling sorry for me so, that’s how I take that.

On being with Lamar when he met Khloe:
I can’t feel sorry for Khloe because literally the night that they met, we were together. We were together at the club. I was at his table, I was his guest and she swooped up on him.
I mean, I’m not mad, it is what it is. She can have him.

On whether he thinks the Kardashian family used Lamar:
No, actually I’ll take Khloe’s side on this one because I think she sincerely wanted to work things out. I think she wanted the family and the kids but once again, she chose an athlete. And you can’t feel sorry for Lamar because he knew the track records of the Karadashians. So there’s no sympathy for Lamar.

I mean, Lamar likes to have fun and he likes to do what he wants to do. So, I don’t think it was the Kardashians’ fault.

On Khloe sending a private investigator to question her:
I just think that she sincerely tried to stick it out till the end.

You know, sending private investigators to confirm things. I mean I can’t confirm that SHE did it but, you know, who else would send someone to come and ask me questions? So, I’m just gonna assume that she had something to do with that.

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