Suge Knight arrested on suspicion of murder; bail set at $2 million


Drama and violence seem to follow Suge Knight like a bad luck curse. On Thursday, Knight was accused of purposely running over a man in Compton, after showing up to the set of a commercial/documentary/film related to hip-hop icons NWA. The incident left one man dead, and another injured.

Police believe Knight and some other men were involved in an argument. When the men went to lunch at Tam’s Burger’s 20 minutes later, Knight, 49, is believed to have followed the men in his red pickup truck before running two of them over in the parking lot. Eyewitnesses said Knight hit the men and backed over them intentionally, Knight’s lawyer says his client ‘accidentally’ hit the men but the incident is being treated as a homicide.

Knight fled the scene but turned himself in to the West Hollywood, Ca. Sheriff’s station early Friday morning. He’s being held on a $2 million bond.

Ice Cube, Game and Dre were filming earlier that afternoon but weren’t involved in the altercation.


Let’s take a glance at Knight’s rap sheet:

1987:  Arrested while in college at UNLV for domestic violence, allegedly stealing a car, carrying a concealed weapon and attempted murder.

1990: Knight pleaded guilty to two battery charges. Received probation for both.

1991: Rumored to have “Big Red’d”  Vanilla Ice  by holding him over a balcony to get him to sign over his publishing rights

1992: Charged with assault and battery on two rappers in an LA area studio. Received probation on a nine-year suspended sentence.

1996: Knight was sentenced to nine years in prison after being caught on camera beating a man at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. He served five years of the sentence. He also was in the car when TuPac was murdered.

2002: Knight violated his parole by consorting with known gang members, and moving to Malibu without alerting his PO. He served 61 days in jail.

2003: Convicted of assault after assaulting a parking lot attendant outside a LA nightclub. He received a 10-month prison sentence.

2005: Knight ordered to pay $107 million to former Death Row Records partners. he was also arrested for making an illegal uturn and having weed in his vehicle.

2008: Knight allegedly beat his girlfriend and was found with ecstasy and pharmaceuticals. Charges were dropped when  Melissa Isaac, mysteriously disappeared and was unable to testify in court.

2010: Arrested for failing to appear in court on a traffic violation.

2012: Arrested on outstanding traffic warrants and possession of marijuana.

2014: Katt Williams and Knight were accused of stealing a camera from a photographer. Suge was also at 1 Oak club in West Hollywood where he and two others where shot during a Pre-VMA event.

2015: Involved in alleged hit-and-run that killed one man and put another in the hospital.

source TMZSports