San Diego Chargers NFL Style Lounge [photos]

When I was growing up in LA, we had two teams for every sport. Then, by the mid 90’s that was over as both the Raiders and the Rams moved away. With basketball being my first love, I didn’t really pay close attention to it. But lately as I’ve been reconnecting with football, it occurred to me that there is a team to the south, The San Diego Chargers, I could go check out since I always head north when I want to see an NFL game (the Niners or the Raiders.)

The Los Angeles chapter of Women in Sports & Entertainment (WISE) held a tailgate prior to the Chargers vs. the Bengals on Sunday in San Diego. Not only was it the perfect time for me to check out Qualcomm Stadium, the NFL style lounge was also featured in this game.

The style lounge is a pop-up retail boutique that spotlights the NFL’s foray into the female fan’s fashion fancy – I know you enjoyed that prose utilizing the letter “F”.

In addition to Charger themed t-shirts and earrings, high end items were added to the mix. There were luxury Italian handbags from Moda by Angelo Anastasio, items from Junk Food clothing, Pink, home decor pieces and Christmas decorations.

Check out my photos from the afternoon that included a DJ, a lounge where I watched the overtime between the Niners and Rams – the Rams certainly seem to have the Niners number this season- and Charger themed manicures:

You can check out for any of the styles featured.

Apparently, some fans are still holding on to Chad Ochocinco and Chad Johnson- yes I know they are one and the same but, work with me- playing for the Bengals in San Diego. Surprisingly, I saw quite a few “85” jerseys.