Rapper Plies Body Slammed By Fan At Tallahassee Club [Video]


Rapper Plies’ Instagram feed has become a favorite of many. While the rapper has enjoyed a different sort of resurgence, Friday night in Tallahassee, the love turned on him.

Plies performed in Tallahassee, Florida at Club Coliseum for his “Find Your” tour. A fan almost got kicked out of the spot, but Plies tried to show love and intervened. He even invited the fan to the stage. And that’s when things went left.

After getting too close, Plies asked the guy to back up, apparently that was an outlandish request, because the fan then channeled his inner Brock Lesnar, grabbed Plies and body slammed him off the stage.

Yikes… Plies security may not have been able to prevent the superlex, but they absolutely stomped the guy after the fact. You might need a translator to understand…



Ain’t no Chrimah Bieh.

If you’ve somehow missed the brilliance that Plies drops on Instagram, here’s a quick video recap