Nick Young and Dorell Wright Hit Up The BallUp Million Dollar Summer Challenge In LA


photo via @PorterhouseLA

Over the weekend I had the chance to attend the BallUp Million Dollar Summer Challenge. The national streetball tournament takes place in six different cities, with the finals to be held on August 2nd.

Sunday was the first weekend of the Los Angeles leg at East Valley high. Two of the teams participating are sponsored by LA native NBA players, Lakers’ Nick Young (Swag Champs) and Portland Trailblazers Dorell Wright (Kings of LA.)  Also on hand, former Clippers player Keith Closs, plus Ballup stars Sikwitit Bone Collector and The Professor.

Sik wid it, The Professor and Bone Collector

Sik wid it, The Professor and Bone Collector


The event is also being filmed for an an ESPN2 TV show that will air in the fall. It follow the players, coaches and staff in Chicago, Indianapolis, L.A., New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC, allowing viewers to experience the prism of basketball culture throughout the country.

So what about the money?

The winning national team will split $500,000. The Coach will receive $15,000 and the MVP $5,000. The regional winners will receive $50,000.

For more details or to check out the schedule for your city, head over to