NFL Safety’s Spot Blown Up Over Dirty DMs


At a certain point in your professional career, you have to accept that you can’t just throw anything on social media. A certain decorum is required when it comes to DMs; a tact to Twitter, if you will.

It’s almost guaranteed that if you put it out there, someone will post it on the internet. Sexting studies have shown **this link is for 18 and over only** that 60 percent of people who receive or send sexy messages have saved to their devices. This means that those messages are then vulnerable to hackers or the whims of a ticked-off person. When over half the people in possession of these kinds of messages keep them on their phones, it makes you wonder why we don’t see even more of this stuff.

Basically, it comes down to the golden question, “How would you feel if everybody knew what you were doing?” If the answer is “not very good,” you probably shouldn’t do it. Or, at least, don’t do it in a way that someone can take a screenshot and send it to the world. That all being said, if athletes actually learned anything, we wouldn’t get entertaining stories like this.

Making unwanted advances toward a famous pornographic actress who is also in a committed relationship would definitely fall under the category of “it would be better if this was kept on the low.” It’s been reported that Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams was getting a little thirsty over his summer break, as he was apparently looking for love last time he was in Miami. Unfortunately for Williams, the feeling wasn’t mutual during his attempt to slide into the direct messages of porn star Mia Khalifa. She was quick to shut down Duke by notifying him that she was in town with her boyfriend and had no interest in what was being offered.


But the fun didn’t stop there. Perturbed by the behavior of the Bills defenseman, Khalifa then put the football player on full blast by sending out screenshots of the exchange on Twitter for all to see. Williams should be thankful that a DM conversation was the worst that got published. Much worse has found its way onto the net from other athletes and celebrities, we’re looking at you Brett Favre. Williams has reached out to blogs in an attempt to defuse the situation by saying his invitation was taken out of context. We say that Williams got off easy this time (or not at all!) and should take this as a valuable learning lesson to hopefully avoid similar situations in the future.