News Of Kermit’s New Pig Denise Hits The Streets


Break up scandals are nothing new. But it’s still always shocking when a couple that’s been rocking for awhile splits.

We learned a few months back that Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy had broken up. With a new version of “The Muppet Show” hitting ABC next week, naturally news of Kermit’s new boo has made it’s way to the media.


Meet Denise, head of marketing at ABC – who also reminds me of a younger version of Piggy. Kermit absolutely seems to have a type – not green or a frog like him. Kermit might just be a sell out.


Kermit released a statement denying he’s dating Denise, even though per People they’ve been spotted out and about.




The interesting timing of the Denise news comes on the heels of an Instagram post from actor Liam Hemsworth, that sparked rumors of Miss Piggy and the actor.


Of course the Internet has been dragging Denise, check out the head-to-head they made.


And don’t trip, Plenty of men are still trying to see what’s good with Miss Piggy.


Meanwhile, Denise is engaging in typical side chick behavior.


I’m rolling with the OG Pig! Slaaaayyyy Miss Piggy!