Monster suing Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine over Beats


Biggie said it, “more money, more problems.” Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine should still be celebrating the sale of “beats by Dre” to Apple. But Monster has filed a lawsuit claiming Beats electronics stole their technology, and added a better marketing plan.

The suit claims that rapper Andre “ Dr. Dre” Young and music mogul Jimmy Iovine conspired to steal the audio engineering that Monster built for the Beats headphones, which were a joint project. The suit alleges that Monster, not Beats, was primarily responsible for designing the headphones, and after Dre and Iovine severed ties with Monster, they tried to wipe away Monster’s role in Beats’ success. It adds that beyond Dre’s status as a celebrity, his “main contribution was to bless Monster’s headphones when he exclaimed: ‘That’s the shit!’”

Monster and Beats severed ties in 2012. Monster went on to try to recreate the magic with their own brand of headphones, and we know what Jimmy and Dre have done since.