Monica Shares Her Love of Husband Shannon Brown Following Alleged Cheating Scandal

Being a r&b star and a basketball wife is can be tricky. Someone is always trying to get into you mix – and not always in a Puffy remix way. Recently Monica Brown had to deal with accusations that her husband, former NBA player Shannon Brown, was cheating on her.

Last month an anonymous woman sent alleged messages between herself and Shannon to a gossip site, claiming they were having an affair.

She said Brown flew her out and they engaged in sexual activities for two days.  She also claimed it wasn’t a one time experience and that they met up in several hotels.

According to her, Brown stated that he was unhappy in his marriage and wasn’t receiving enough love at home.  She also said he was depressed about his basketball career after being waived by the Heat in 2014 in order to make room for them to sign Hassan Whiteside.

Monica kept it cute but recently posted a photo with a caption that expressed she and her husbands love is strong.


#CurrentMood Walking in my purpose, knowing that my steps have been ordered… Doing it all with him by my side… Last year I almost lost him to a car accident & the reality that we are not always in control set in.. Days, Nights, tons of surgeries all went by and no one knew but us.. I know God is able because one year later he’s back on the court, at full speed , doing everything he did before but even better… What’s on IG & TV isn’t real life.. What’s happening in your homes IS… I share and spread love because that’s truly what we need more of… Congrats SB… Back at it.. #GameStrong ???????? #ImProudOfYou ????: @milanesphotography