Monica Explains How Sex With Her Made Shannon Brown Play Better Basketball

Some coaches like to implement a sex ban for their players to keep their energy and focus up, but sex actually helped Shannon Brown, according to his wife Monica.

The R&B singer was a guest co-host on “The Real” this week when she began to dish about how sex was the key to get her NBA husband to perform better on the court.

“Right before my daughter was conceived his career high was in Phoenix and he was jumping really high and we were going all the time,” Monica said.

“That was in the earlier stages of marriage.”

Monica and Shannon got married in November 2010, which is after he won championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, but she is right, his career highs were during the two seasons he spent with the Phoenix Suns (2011-2013).

Shannon last played in the NBA with the Miami Heat in 2014.  He’s currently on a comeback mission and on October 30, 2016, he was selected by the Grand Rapids Drive in the second round of the 2016 NBA Development League Draft.  Let’s see if Monica can work her magic.