Meek Mill Drops Drake Diss And Comedy Ensues

This has been an epic week for rap battles, albeit pretty one sided in the victory column.

On Thursday, July 30, after waiting for Meek to get his mind off the money while on his girlfriend’s tour and get to the studio, Meek Mill finally dropped his diss song as a reply to the two that Drake dropped.

Meek’s “Wanna Know” to shots at Drake, Nicki MInaj’s ex-boyfriend, Safaree “SB” Samuel, and more. The Jahlil Beats-produced track also features an alleged reference track by Quentin Miller – the guy who Meek is claiming wrote some of Drake’s latest hits, although Quentin has denied it – and a skits, including one with Diddy sh*t talking, which is a reference to the altercation Drake and Diddy had in Miami earlier this year.

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to be feeling Meek’s answer. The excitement that he responded quickly turned into disappointment with the results. And of course the required social media beat down. Check out some of the responses.

Drake himself was wholly unbothered, he posted a meme of himself laughing on his Instagram page.

Even fastfood chains weighed in

There’s a line in the song about someone getting peed on in a theatre – yes we need deets about this – but for now, a theatre chain had a question for Drake regarding that.

Toronto politician Norm Kelly- who has been on point in picking his moments to jump into this beef – took another jab at Meek.

Brandon Jennings who is clearly Team OVO and Drake in all this offered his opinion… that he deleted. brandon-jennings-meek-mill Porn sites jumped in – this one contains NSFW language

uh yeah…

Random memes popped up.

Even Ja Rule – whose career was somewhat ended by his beef with 50 Cent – weight in with the jokes


A photo posted by Ja Rule (@ruleyorkcity) on

Even Soulja Boy had a giggle


Damn, it was all good just a week ago.

Meek gave you the blue print on how a rapper who dropped a number one album this summer, dating one of the top chicks in the game, can still come out a loser. Meek clearly didn’t plan this all the way until the end, and now he’s paying for it.