Lil Wayne Shares Groupie Tale Involving JR Smith and NBA All-Star Weekend

“Athletes are Groupies too” is chapter 10 of my book, PostGame Pass: access into “the life. In that chapter I share how a certain rapper and NBA player ended up in the same hotel room during NBA All-Star weekend, while unknowingly dating the same chick. Friday on ESPN’s Highly Questionable, Lil Wayne shared a story about he and Cleveland Cavs’ star JR Smith bumping into each other in a young lady’s hotel room during  NBAAll-Star in Las Vegas back in 2007.


This is very funny. He’ll tell you it’s true. So I was visiting a female. We was in Vegas, and it was All-Star or something. I think that’s what it was. We was in Vegas. I went to visit this person. This person, I didn’t know she was with him originally there already, so she told him that someone in the casino hit the jackpot. She told him that they hit the jackpot. So when you hit the jackpot, you automatically go to the biggest suite they have, and she was in the biggest suite they had. So she had to leave that hotel and go to another hotel. That was what she told him.

Now, she told me to come over. OK, she was there with a female friend. He was aware of that. So she told him that the female friend was still there at that hotel but she had to relocate to another one. So I was there in the room that night, and so, all of a sudden, we in the bedroom, too, and all of a sudden, we hear the bedroom door open, and me and the female like, “Who is coming through the door?” Her female friend was in the living room, so we were like, “What is she trying to get in the room for?” So who comes through the door? J.R. Smith with his wifebeater on.

So mind you, the female don’t even know that I know J.R. So when we see each other, we like, “What’s up? Where you went tonight?” I was like, “I was at such-and-such, where you was at?” She was in the bed looking like, “Oh my God.” So when he left, he left out of there, and I left out of there, too. So this is the moral of the story: I was there going to see the girl. She was doing J.R. bad, but he was actually coming back to the room to see her female friend because she told him that she was there by herself. It was just a big old circus!
good part about the story is that I went out the next night and I saw the girl’s female friend in the club, and she was like, “You know, she was wrong for doing you like that. I told her she shouldn’t do you like that.” And so I went home with the female friend that night. OK

Lil Wayne left out a few details about this story that I delved deeper into in PostGame Pass. I always tell people, Athletes love a referral. There’s a chapter on that too in PostGame Pass: access into “the life”

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