LeSean McCoy and Lou Williams Twitter Beef Stems From Baby’s Mama Drama

Last night following some historic NBA basketball, a Twitter beef erupted between
Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy and Lakers guard Lou Williams.

The two had a spicy exchange that LeSean kicked off by calling Lou soft in his celebration of Kobe. Lou responds by asking why LeSean didn’t handle the beef when he was in LA last week.


Here’s the backstory. Both Lou and LeSean played in Philly. Lou for the Sixers and Shady for the Eagles. The two were allegedly friendly at some point.

Remember the story last year about Lou Wills’ two girlfriends – one of which, Ashley Henderson, is the mother of his two daughters?



Around January of 2015, Lou and Ashley broke up. Lou stayed in a relationship with Reece, the girl brought into the relationship by Ashley.




At some point, Ashley and LeSean started dating. A few months ago, Ashley posted a photo to Instagram of herself and Shady but quickly deleted it. Someone sent the photo to Famelos blog



There were also rumors of Ashley possibly dating someone on the Sixers and a rapper – Yo Gotti. But all of that is unconfirmed. A few weeks ago, Ashley and LeSean were reportedly in LA while Lou got to spend some time with his daughters, hence the comment about LeSean having nothing to say while he was in the vicinity.



LeSean also was recently courtside at a Lakers’ game with his old teammate DeSean Jackson and retired boxer, Floyd Mayweather jr.


Seems like someone needs to step out of their feelings and role with the choice they made, no?