LaVar Ball Shares Unique Parenting Advice For Respecting Mothers

The 2017 NBA Draft is a little over a week away. One name has been dominating headlines that we know for sure won’t hear Adam Silver call his name in New York on June 22, LaVar Ball.

LaVar is the father of NBA draft prospect, UCLA’s Lonzo Ball. He’s managed to rub people the wrong way for the style he’s selected to market Lonzo and their family brand, Big Baller Brand. 

In a recent interview with ESPN, LaVar once again has people talking with comments he made about disciplining his boys and respect for his wife Tina, who is recovering from a stroke.

On the boys respecting Tina:

“I told them, ‘If you’re going to be disrespectful to your mom, I want you to be all the time.’ So, excuse my language right here, but if you want to say, ‘Good morning, b—-,’ that’s fine with me,” Ball said. “I’m not going to say nothing. If you want to call your mom a b—-, that’s fine.

“But don’t get sick, when your stomach is hurting and you want me to care for you because you know I ain’t. … She’ll clean up the throw-up, the s—, whatever. She’ll take care of what you want. … So don’t wait until you need something, or you need her to make you something, and now you want to be nice to her. …

“So they never disrespect their mom or talk back to her or say nothing. Because I say, ‘In the long run, you’re going to need her before you need me.’ ”

Ball also said he’s not burdening his sons with Tina’s care:

“Like I told my boys: ‘I got her. Now you can do whatever you want to do. What I’m not going to [do] is burden you with sitting there rubbing her hand,’ ” Ball told Goodman. “We’re not making a movie.”

Our friends over at Grapevine TV, recently they had a conversation about LaVar and if he’s riding in the right lane.