Kanye West’s New Single “Facts” Disses Nike and Says LeBron Is A Slave

Kanye West is an innovator. Dropping a new diss track on New Year’s Eve may not seem all that new, but one that is primarily a Nike diss is.

“FACTS” is Yeezy’s latest musical foray. The track is reportedly produced by Metro Boomin – Future’s producer. It’s full of references you’ll be familiar with, like a hook that says, “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman – a clear reference to not only Drake and Future’s “Jumpman,” which is a song Metro also helped craft. He also says he went platinum with that release without an album. That’s a reference to the release of his Adidas Yeezys this week.

Kanye also says if Nike didn’t have Drake, they wouldn’t have anything. And this line that is sure to get some people in an uproar, that says Nike “treats their employees like slaves, gave LeBron a billy not to run away.”

I worked at Nike for four years, I never felt like a slave… but I guess those are Ye’s left over feelings from his collaboration with them. Yeezy also throws in a Steve Harvey Miss Universe punch line and the “fact” – you see what I did there – that Kim’s latest app “Kimojis” shut down the app store and “we” made a million a minute. That likely means it was recorded in the last two weeks.

Lakers Nick Young is probably starting 2016 off on an unimaginable high since his idol gave him a shout out on the track. Young just mentioned how Jordan sending a message to Kobe on the jumbotron in Charlotte was the same as Ye shouting out Swaggy… Dream big kids, it could happen

Ready to judge the track for yourself? Head over to Kanye’s Soundcloud to hear FACTS