Kanye West on Amber Rose, 30 Showers, Kim’s legacy, Tyga and Kylie + More [Video]


I guess we can call it a trilogy. This week Power 105’s The Breakfast Club featured interviews with Amber Rose, Tyga and today, Kanye West. Amber’s kicked it off which started a series of conversations and Tweets about Kanye’s sister-in-law’s relationship with Tyga, who just happens to be her good friend Blac Chyna’s baby daddy.

That lead to Tyga’s ill-advised interview on Tuesday where he claimed black culture just doesn’t understand his “friendship” with Kylie.

So today we’re blessed with a Yeezy interview. We knows are ALWAYS classic. I’ll give you a few cliff notes, then you can decide if you want to watch the hour-long interview to form your own opinion:

photo via @AngelaYee

photo via @AngelaYee

Ye on his new line with Adidas-
Kanye has become Robin Hood He’s at the point where he wants to hit the average consumer now – he recently said he wanted to be like the Steve Jobs of The Gap. Making fashion something everyone can access.


Kanye on Amber Rose – Ye said Amber is just soaking up the moment. That if Kim would have hooked up with him when he first tried -Hey Reggie Bush, Hey Kris Humphries –  Amber would have never existed. He then got his own shot in at Amber stating that most women don’t want to go behind Amber Rose and he had to take 30 showers before he could get with Kim.

He also said that he was trying to be respectful with the Amber discussion.


Kanye on Beyonce and her relationship with Kim – According to Kanye, Beyonce and Kim have a friendly rivalry like Kobe and LeBron. That Beyonce has photos up of Kim and other powerful women in her studio because they represent empowerment.

On his Grammy moment this year – Ye admits that he hadn’t listened to Beck’s album before his comments – that Bey should’ve won the album of the year – he first heard it recently while at dinner with ironically, Taylor Swift.

More Ye on Kim – Kim posing nude was empowering because it forced another body type to be accepted. This is because Jean-Paul Goude is a high fashion photographer and it caused people to look at her different. That’s important because their daughter North might have a shape like Kim one day… We’ll ignore Kim’s surgical enhancements and just ride that one out…

Kanye Considers Kim A Visionary – Kanye said Kim is a visionary at what she does. That Kim made sure the entire family got on and became millionaires. Uses himself as an example and says look how long it took me to do that for someone in my crew.


Kanye on Tyga & Kylie Jenner’s Relationship- Ye said Tyga was smart, and that he got in early. But he when asked point blank if they were dating, changed the subject.

On his relationship with Minister Louis Farrakhan – Kanye says Farrakhan is one of the men that he goes to for counsel however, he knows its controversial. Compares the public’s feelings about Kim to the reaction the Minster causes… weird I know, and yet it makes sense.

Kanye tends to make a lot of sense to me but his examples, and the context he places things in tend to make people uncomfortable. He was charming in this interview, not angry. I like him, even if I don’t always agree.