JSJ: Fan Spotlight: Miko Grimes wife of Miami Dolphins CB Brent Grimes


I shared with you at the start of the NFL season that I would be doing fan spotlights. This week’s fan feature is a little different because I’m featuring an NFL wife, Tamiko Grimes, wife of Miami Dolphins CB Brent Grimes.

Name: Miko Grimes
Location: Davie, FL
Team: Miami Dolphins
Instagram: @IheartMiko

Why you cheer for your team: Outside of the fact that they pay my bills, the front office respects my husbands skills and treat him like he was a first round draft pick.

Your predictions for the season: 10-6 winning the division and making the playoffs!

More deets on Miko. She’s a former professional basketball player and is currently featured on radio and in print talking sports:

Radio personality on 560 WQAM on The Omar Kelly Show with Omar Kelly on Saturday mornings 10-1pm
Weekly segment on 560 WQAM on The Big O Show with Orlando Alzugaray Mondays at 11am
Weekly sports diary/column with The Palm Beach Post Dispatch (Friday’s paper)
Personal Blog at meekslogic.wordpress.com
Daily shit talker on twitter, mostly about sports @iHeartMiko

Future plans:

MG: I’m planning to have a weekly sports-talk radio show once my husband retires. He and I will hopefully do the show together. We’re also planning to open up our own gym to train professional athletes.

Downside of being an NFL wife:

MG: The constant worry/concern with concussions and bodily injuries that these players will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Literally shutting down your life from July to February so that he can be the best he can be. That unselfish sacrifice can make or break your man’s season.

Craziest fan/groupie:

MG: Thank God my husband doesn’t have many groupies. People say its because I scare them all off. LOL!! But as far as fans, I once tweeted that I needed to get rid of a couch and didnt want to hire movers to come get it and one of his HS fans made his mom leave work, rent a truck, drive over an hour to my house, to get the couch. All he really wanted was to meet his idol and get his autograph. That was in 2010. We still keep up with him to this day.

What other sports teams do you cheer for?:

MG: I played professional international basketball, so Im obviously a hoops fan. I cheer for whatever team Lebron plays for, but I am currently a Miami Heat fan, since I also live in the city. My favorite baseball teams are the LA Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals. I was born in St. Louis and my entire family loves the Cardinals, but I was raised in LA and became a Dodger fan at a young age. Im also a St. Louis Rams fan for those very same reasons previously stated.

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