JR Smith Wants You To Fund His Reality TV Show

If there was a list of  NBA players you’d be curious about seeing their life away from the game, I guarantee you that Cleveland CavsJR Smith. Well, now here’s your chance. And if you’re willing to kick in some funds, you can even get a speaking role on it.

JR Smith has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a reality show on his life entitled Team Swish The Reality. He’s looking to raise $500,000 for a webseries that gives you the behind the scenes peek into his life. Check the cast deets:

Mom & Dad – This loving couple has been together for over 35 years. They provided JR and siblings a stable home in a loving environment. They take issue with the “thug” image JR has cultivated over the years and remind him to focus on what’s important – his family and God.


Brothers – Demetrius was captain of his football team in only his sophomore year in college; he trains hard and spends time with his family when not in school and playing football. He loves a good meal, and is a dependable family member who’s on his way to a career in the NFL. His other brother, Chris, was signed to play along side his brother for the Knicks but is no longer with the team. Chris is very involved with Team Swish.



Sister – Steph doesn’t care about JR the celeb; she only knows J.R., the little brother. And she treats him accordingly. She reminds JR about who he is on the regular and has no problem “checking” him when necessary. Once the doors open on the Team Swish store, Steph will be front and center since she will be the store’s manager.


Fiancé (and mom to Demi – J.R.’S eldest daughter) – Shirley has been the woman in JR’s life for some time, but even she didn’t have a clue when JR recently pulled off a surprise proposal. She has already begun planning what will surely be an epic wedding.

And Boom, Bodyguard – A former military captain, chaplain and current celebrity bodyguard, Freddy “Boom” Smalls has worked for people like Jessica Simpson and Mark Wahlberg. The only difference in this case is that Boom was hired to protect J.R. from himself.

JR and Shirley actually eloped last summer. The wedding is just the ceremony.

FYI for the plot twist, JR’s ex Ashley Weatherspoon is featured all through this clip, but not Shirley.

Let’s look at what you can get for your contribution:

$400 gets you an autographed JR Smith jersey. $1,250 gets you a brief role on the show. $5,000 gets you a producer credit and $10,000 gets you a producer credit and speaking role.

You trying to role with the life of JR?