Joel Embiid Snubs ‘WAGs’ Star Olivia Pierson After Her Valentine Post With Him in Bed

Joel Embiid continues to be a social media favorite, but this is by far ihis most vicious act.  The comedic star of the Philadelphia 76ers completely humiliated Olivia Pierson, who was on the show WAGs (wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons).  Pierson appeared to be on the prowl for a new athlete after things didn’t work out with Jaguars tight end, Marcedes Lewis; unfortunately for her, Embiid wasn’t with it.

Pierson put up a Valentine’s Day post of her and Embiid in bed together and implied that they are in a relationship.  Embiid’s reply was complete savage mode as he commented under the pic, “Old news, I’m not trusting this process,” referring to a 76ers slogan used by former Sixers’ GM Sam Hinkie.  “The Process” later became Embiid’s nickname after Hinkie was fired.

In addition to commenting on Pierson’s picture, Embiid also posted the photo on his Snapchat and put #FakeNews over it; another slogan but this one is most famously used by President Donald Trump.

Pierson and Embiid have since deleted their posts.

The strange part is the two have been linked together in the past.  Philly society photographer HughE Dillon tweeted about them back in September of 2015, when they had reservations to dine at Del Friscos.  So is Embiid tricking us or did Pierson overestimate what’s going on between them?