Jill Munroe featured on Ebony.com


Hey there! I just wanted to share with you some recent press on me and the site. I was featured in an Ebony.com piece on black women sports bloggers. Please note, I was even compared to the Queen Bey herself, Beyonce because in their words, “I been on.”

I LOVE it! I hope you do too. If you’ve ever been curious about how I got my start and my thoughts on women in sports media, check it out, and please make sure you peruse some of the other sites/women that are highlighted as well!

Jill Munroe, a Los Angeles native, started her blog, Jocks and Stiletto Jill in September 2009.  She describes it as “ESPN meets Sex and the City” due to her interest in not only the game, but the off-the-court lifestyle as well.

“I know X’s and O’s and I covered that initially when I started the site, but I don’t believe you can out-ESPN ESPN” she says.

Munroe always loved sports, especially basketball, and while she was growing up, she and her father would attend Los Angeles Rams football games. Later in life, Munroe would work at Nike in the brand marketing department.

“That’s sort of where I started to see a broader side of sports with working on different projects with different teams and athletes and it lead me to starting the site.” 

“I did work for a very long time in the sports industry, so I do have that insider perspective. I’m not just a fan of the game. I actually worked in it and it [JocksAndStillettoJill.com] gives you, well, at the time I started it, something different with the fashion and the off-the-court life that at the time wasn’t a big focus as it is today.”