Jamie Foxx On Playing Mike Tyson & Why Everybody Should Fear His Return To The Comedy Stage [Video]


I interviewed Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx on the Red Carpet during the Harold and Carole Pump Foundation’s annual charity gala. In addition to discussing Jamie’s role in the upcoming Mike Tyson flick, I wanted to know when Jamie was planning on coming back to the comedy stage.

Jamie said there are so many Mike Tyson stories that can be told. And a lot of it has to do with outside of the ring. He added that this Mike Tyson story couldn’t have been told 15 years ago because the industry wasn’t messing with Tyson, and that the former boxer wasn’t in a place to tell this particular story.

He also said that Mike recently told him that this is the most peace he’s been at in his life, partially because he’s broke. So now people aren’t looking for anything from him. Martin Scorsese is directing.

Jamie not only shared with me that the comeback is happening soon, he also said he’s coming for everybody and he doesn’t want anyone looking for apologies. He said the name of it will be, “Somebody’s got to say something, cause it’s too much Bullsh*t”