Jacksonville’s Dante Fowler Apologizes For Baby Mama Brawl

Remember the “when keeping it real goes wrong” sketches from The Dave Chapelle show? I bet that’s how Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler is feeling right now.

TMZSports got their hands on surveillance video where Fowler stands by while his girlfriend and baby’s mama throw blows in an apartment complex. Now the NFL is investigating the incident.

According to TMZ, the fight happened on February 1. Fowler and his girlfriend were reportedly confronted by the mother of his child with Fowler eventually breaking up the fisticuffs:


Fowler released a statement:

I am embarrassed and have apologized for my actions to everyone involved. As a family, we have been dealing with this moment and the conflict that led to it since this occurred. The video surfacing is a sad reminder that emotions got the best of all of us. I take 100 percent responsibility for everything that happened.

The Jaguars did, too:

Dante brought the incident to our attention prior to the video being released and was embarrassed and remorseful. Violence of this type against others is unacceptable in our society and to our organization. We will continue to look into the incident while offering resources and providing support to Dante and his family to help them through this private matter.

Now you have not only your team. but the league and anyone else who has a passing interest all in your business. Great offseason start to your second season in the L -which is really your first because you tore your ACL in year one.

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