Is This Video Of LeSean McCoy Fighting 2 Off Duty Cops?

Professional athletes take their bottle service seriously. Buffalo Bills’ running back LeSean McCoy reportedly had an altercation in Philly over the weekend with two off duty cops.

According to reports McCoy was at Recess nightclub around 2:45 a.m. with friends. An altercation ensued over a bottle of champagne. Former Pitt football player Tamarcus Porter was reportedly the aggressor. He and off-duty Philly police officer Roland Butler began to argue. At this point McCoy, Curtis Brinkley and Christopher Henderson also got involved. A scuffle took place that resulted in two officers suffering broken ribs, one of whom may have also suffered a skull fracture.

Crossing Broad secured some footage of the incident. Along with several photos of LeSean’s attire that evening and jewelry comparisons.


So is LeSean throwing bows in the video?