Is Future To Blame For Scottie Pippen Divorcing Larsa?

Scottie Pippen joins the list of many athletes who head for divorce in retirement. After 19 years of marriage, Pippen filed for divorce from his wife Larsa Younan in Florida last week.

The couple have four children together and were last spotted out and about together in December while attending a NY Fashion Week event last September with their 7-year old daughter Sophia. Both were wearing their wedding bands.


Rumors have floated out that Scottie isn’t happy with Larsa’s desire to be on the scene. Larsa is friends with Kim Kardashian’s and has appeared on episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in the past, in addition to appearing on Bravo’s short-lived Real Housewives of Miami.


There were also rumors that Larsa had become cozy with rapper Future. Larsa allegedly met Future – who happens to be Kim’s friend Ciara‘s ex fiance – in August at the Haute Living Color Reveal Party in Miami.


Per TMZ, Larsa has been private jet hoping with the rapper and were reportedly spotted on Las Vegas and at Komodo nightclub in Miami looking “cozy.”

Their sources describe whatever’s going on between Larsa and Future as “casual.” They also say whatever is going on … it started after Scottie was openly flirting with an actress last Summer, and she felt disrespected. Thus, revenge.

Future’s pals are saying the same about Larsa, the two are just cool friends. They also say Future has so many women, he doesn’t need to mess with a married one.

TMZ also reports that police were called to Pippen’s home twice in the past three weeks for domestic disturbances. Larsa told cops that they were involved in a “heated verbal argument,” but said that it never got physical.

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