Instagram Model Elizabeth Ruiz Says This NFL Player Is Lacking “D”

The days of professional athletes being able to have a quiet groupie session are long gone. The latest athlete to be blasted about a sexual encounter gone wrong is Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson.

Instagram model Elizabeth Ruiz appeared on Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored podcast last week and decided to provide a sexual report on her time with the wide receiver. Ruiz shared that Jackson was lacking in the D department – and we aren’t talking defense – saying DJacc size was in line with “an Asian man”


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Naturally DeSean clapped back on a since deleted IG post, calling Ruiz “thirsty” and saying she should be seeking employment instead of commenting on him.


But it didn’t end there. DeSean’s girlfriend, Kayla Phillips weighed in on Instagram too, warning Ruiz that she would be in Los Angeles soon:

“Wasn’t too small for you to suck and f**k tho. Never speak on another woman’s man. Now we have an issue, I’ll be in LA soon and we’ll see if you’re still reckless at the mouth @elizabethruizxo.”


I guess that caused Ruiz to have a change of heart, and issue an apology on her page – which she has sense made private.

“I’ve been unhappy with my self and in the process I’ve been reckless,” she wrote, not making mention of Jackson or his girlfriend. “…I’m under construction and I’m willing to deal with all the consequences for my actions and I’m sorry.”

Jackson didn’t really care for Ruiz’s apology, as he commented “put some respek (sic) on my name,” on her apology post.

If Ruiz looks familiar to you, she was accused of blackmailing Denver Broncos Von Miller over a sex tape last year. Ruiz allegedly wanted to be paid not to leak the tape or she would ruin his reputation and markability. The video was from a tryst the two had in Cancun of June of 2016. She denied the accusation, once Von took legal action, claiming that she kept the sex tape to masturbate too later.