Is Gilbert Arenas New Baby’s Mama Responsible For Derek Fisher’s Divorce?

In my book, PostGame Pass: access into “the life,” I broke down a concept titled “jocks love a referral.” The basic idea is that pro athlete aren’t really attracted to certain things or people unless another celebrity or athlete has put their stamp on it. Today’s example is one that I’ve used frequently, but yet another layer has been added on.

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas has four children with his ex Laura Govan. Gilbert also has a daughter that’s a toddler with a woman named Lindsay Faulk.


Faulk is the ex-wife of former NFL star Marshall Faulk. They have four children together.



Lindsay reportedly has an interest in reality TV – she and her family were featured on ABC’s “Beverly Hills Nannies” and is trying to make her way onto Laura’s old show, Basketball Wives LA. In Fact, Lindsay made a cameo this season.

Standard run-of-the-mill stuff, right? Here’s where it gets tricky. Apparently, Lindsay’s appearance didn’t wow the producers. However, per The Jasmine Brand, if Faulk is willing to spill all her dirt, she likely could secure a spot – and help BBWLA compete with E! networks’ version of reality tv focused on sports stars’ significant others, WAGS. 

This is where things get interesting. Some of Faulk’s alleged dirt includes an alleged relationship with Derek Fisher. The same Fisher that is currently dating Laura Govan’s sister – and former BBWLA star AND Shaunie O’Neal’s enemy – Gloria.


People think that Laura’s sister, Gloria [Govan], had something to do with Derek and his wife Candace breaking up, but it wasn’t her. Derek was creeping with Lindsay for YEARS. Candace knew, everyone knew. Point blank, Lindsay is a home-wrecker. She’s been on the scene for years.

That Could be a little messy. Maybe they could convince the Govans to come back on… If you’re curious about all these dots, I connected the pieces last year for you on the 2 degrees of separation this group has in their dealings.