Floyd Mayweather Jr. Encourages Instagram Beef Shading His Ex Shantel Jackson


Floyd Mayweather Jr. still seems a tad pressed over his ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson. I say this because of a few events that went down on Instagram late Thursday night.

It all started when a promoter named Slim, who is also a former friend of rapper Nelly – Shantel’s new boo – posted a #WomanCrushWednesday photo of Nelly’s ex, singer Ashanti.

Nelly didn’t seem to appreciate that, and that’s when the subposts began. First Nelly made a passive-aggressive #ThrowbackThursday post


#TBT One of the first Applebottom photoshoots…… I still have some out takes of this one I can’t even show YALL I was a wildboy back in these days the photoshoot was fun but the after parties was way better … lets just say I was the fixer back then also???????????????? #THEFIX

Interesting about this ad campaign, the woman pictured in the photo is also reportedly Slim’s baby’s mama. So he then responded back full throttle, blasting Ms. Jackson in the process

#TBT I remember doin this #Applebottom search goin city to city meeting bad bitches and having sum crazy fun in my hotel room afterwards. This was the day I met one of my old nasty favorites from Opa-Locka. Head was so fire I had to take her on the road w/ me, but y’all might not recognize her tho cuz this right before she got #TheFix with all them got damn surgeries! ????????✂️???? Lmao You came a long way baby @missjackson ! #LooseCannonWildlife #SaintLouisIsMine

But Slim wasn’t done, he had more to add:

I hate corny ass internet ppl!! So this nicca @derrtymo started the shit by making a post bout my son mother with sum lies and I respond wit #FACTS and I’m wrong??? Jus ask the homie @Floydmayweather how much he spent to #FIX da broad and where he found her! Lmao if anybody in their feelings its pimp juice nicca mad cuz I made Ashanti my #wcw and she like the pics ?? Nigga I been posting her for weeks u tryin to get promo for that wacc ass single!! If u so happy wit yo new bitch why u worried about your ex??? Nicca it ain’t my fault u traded in a #Ferrari for a #Ford!! #TheFix available now on iTunes!!!! #LooseCannonWildlife #SaintLouisIsMine


Why does Shantel have to bear the brunt of this beef? Side note, #TheFix is Nelly’s new single.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with Floyd Mayweather. Check out Floyd’s Friday morning Instagram post.

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How’s that for messy?

Shantel currently has a lawsuit pending against Floyd, you can get the deets on that HERE.