Eli Apple’s Mom Wouldn’t Let Him Rock a Rolex To The Draft

New York Giants‘ fans should prepare themselves for a lot of quotes from draft pick Eli Apple‘s mother, Annie Apple. First there was her warning to all the Insta vixens and would-be groupies to stay out of her son’s DMs. And now we have a quote from her on why she wouldn’t allow Eli to rock a Rolex on draft night.

In an article on Eli for Sports Illustrated, Annie recounts her son’s journey from being a red shirt at Ohio State, to becoming an NFL first round draft pick. When the subject of Eli’s draft night look came up, Annie explained why Eli needed to skip the high-ticket jewels.

I just wanted to focus on what we could control, so I turned my attention to how Eli would look on draft day and for his first team press conference. For the draft, I wanted to go with a more classic look and no one does classic better than Tom Ford. A friend of ours who happens to be a gifted tailor gave us the looks, and I chose a classic black suit for the draft and a blue suit for his team press conference. It was kind of weird that I agreed to a blue suit when Eli’s projected teams were Miami, Pittsburgh and Oakland, but I wanted to keep it classic and clean.

Eli was offered Rolex watches and diamonds to wear on draft day. I told him, “Dude, you’re an unemployed college dropout. You will not be on TV with a Rolex.” So we decided if he needed to know what time it was, he could just look at his phone. I bought him a portable charger.


photo via Instagram