Drake Responds To Meek Mill’s Diss With “Charged Up”


Earlier this week social media went crazy via a few beefs. First there was Shaq’s beef with NBA legend Scottie Pippen on which team was more dominant, the 90’s led Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan and Pippen, or Shaq’s Lakers.

There was Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift with a little bit of Katie Perry sprinkled in. Apparently not wanting to leave his girl out there on her own, rapper Meek Mill instigated his own beef out of nowhere with Drake. Meek claimed Drake didn’t write his own lyrics.



Drake remained silent on Twitter, only dropping one hint in a mysterious Instagram DM to his collaborator Hitman Holla. Drake-Hitman-Holla-DM   But on Saturday, Drake came back firing musical shots on his Beats 1 radio show, Ovo Music, by dropping “Charged Up.” Possibly the first laid back diss track.

Of course that sent fans going crazy. Expect “Charged up” to replace “turned up” and multiple Instagram quotes from the lyrics. Meek responded via Twitter again.

Drake didn’t stop there though, he also dropped Cha Cha remix and Right Hand.