Does This Video Show Aldon Smith Getting Smoked Out?

Question, you just got your fourth chance in the NFL. You recently signed a new deal, would you test the football guards by recording a weed sesh to post on the internet? If this video proves to be newly-signed Oakland Raiders linebacker Aldon Smithhe’s a lock for dummy of the year.

The former 49ers first-round draft pick allegedly posted video of a “fire up” session to a Periscope account. At some point, Smith has used an account titled “ravenga,” on the live streaming video service to post videos under the name “Ricky.”

CSN Bay Area found video on the ravenga account which features a guy and a girl having a conversation out getting smoked out. The girl cautions that streaming it isn’t a good idea. Mind you, while Aldon’s face isn’t in the video, it’s the same voice from the other videos where his face is clearly showing.


Female: (Expletive deleted), I’m not (messing) with you.

Male: I don’t give a (care). Ain’t nobody (messing) with us. We’ve got zero followers. Where is the ashtray at?( to audience) This is what you call a fire up session.

Female: (Expletive deleted), you shouldn’t even be posting that.

Male: (coughing) (Expletive deleted), do you see my face?

Female: No, but what if…

Male: They don’t have my name. This is just a fire up session.

Female: So, if you just put it on there…it’s just doing it? It’s live? That’s hella stupid.

Male: Shut up. You hella stupid. You trying to smoke, fam? Is this the ashtray?

Female: Yeah. You ain’t using it no more, right?

Male: I’m using it.

Female: Oh, that’s a (expletive deleted) (inaudible)? Oh, a (inaudible)?

Male: You’re stupid. You’re tripping. (Expletive deleted), they don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put “Aldon Smith”…


Aldon seems to be denying its him on a recent Twitter post.