Diet Pepsi offers tailgating experience with Sofia Vergara in support of NFL’s ” A Crucial Catch”

Sofia Vergara for Bid for Pink

October marked the launch of the NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” campaign, and it’s all about pink! Diet Pepsi has partnered up with the NFL in support of the program, to give football fans the opportunity to bid on exclusive pink NFL game gear, items signed by NFL greats like Jerry Rice, plus special items signed by Sofia Vergara. You can even attempt to get your mack on, by bidding on cool one-of-a-kind experiences with her too. Imagine telling your friends how you tailgated with Sofia Vergara. Or maybe you’d rather sit in a suite and catch a game. You could impress her with your vast knowledge of the NFL while re-enacting the scene from her Diet Pepsi commercial.

To check out all the items in the Bid for Pink go HERE Last I checked, the tailgating experience was around $1,000.

The Crucial Catch program reminds women 40 and over about the importance of having an annual mammogram.