Did Dr. Dre Celebrate “Beats” Sale To Apple Too Soon?


Did super producer Dr. Dre pop start celebrating as hip-hop’s first billionaire too quickly? If you recall, Tyrese put up a video of he and Dr. Dre celebrating the sale of head phone giant “Beats By Dre” to Apple for $3.2 billion. The video was quickly deleted and so far, no formal statement has been released.

Billboard is reporting that’s because Apple got cold feet after seeing Dre’s celebration.

While most of us found the Dre video funny, it’s pretty obvious why Apple did not — the company has long thrived with a culture of extreme secrecy and it probably took the video as a sign that the team at Beats might not be a good fit. In addition to this, Billboard says that Apple was not happy that Beats apparently leaked news about the deal well before the company was ready to make it formal.

Culture is huge with Apple. Always wait for the signatures.