Diamond Strawberry admits to car sex only and lying about her 6 year-old daughter on LHHNY


There is something about the “Love & Hip-Hop” franchise – maybe it’s VH1 reality shows- that attracts deadbeat moms trying to make it in “entertainment.” On the current season of LHHNY, MLB legend Darryl Strawberry’s daughter Diamond has joined the cast.


On Monday night’s episode, we see Diamond arriving from LA to New York, to live with her boyfriend of two years, Cisco. If Cisco looks familiar, its because he also used to date “Basketball Wives Miami” star Jennifer Williams.

The problem with this coupling, both seem to have honesty issues. Cisco won’t take Diamond to his house, instead he has a friend’s place for her to stay – someone she’s never met. Seems like Cisco might have a real girlfriend at home.

Although this bonus scene shows him inviting Diamond to his “home.”



The next troubling topic, Diamond says she’d like to have sex in a bed instead of a car… Wait, girl… this is your boo of two years and the only place you guys have connected is in a vehicle???

And lastly, Diamond has denied the existence of her six-year-old daughter for two years. She told him she was her dog…


So let me get this straight, you move all the way across the country, leaving your child for your mother to raise, so you can chase a man that won’t even take you to his place so he can get head in a comfortable bed.

Anything for the bright lights.