Deion Sanders Brings Instagram Personality Brittany Renner To Put Athletes Up On Game

Deion Sanders and Brittany Renner
Via Deion Sanders

Brittany Renner is a name you may be familiar with. The former Jackson State soccer player became Instagram famous for her workout videos and later for a book, “Judge This Cover,” about her exploits with famous athletes. Most recently, she was in the news for the ongoing drama with her son’s father, Charlotte Hornets forward PJ Washington.

Jackson State head coach and Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders decided to invite Brittany to speak with the team during homecoming weekend last October to serve as a cautionary tale about being reckless in some young lady’s DMs and the dangers of transactional relationships. Sanders posted a few video clips on his Instagram. So naturally, it started a lot of conversation about the validity of bringing in a social media personality with Brittany’s reputation. Check out some of the conversation.



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All the players seemed to know who she was as soon as she walked in. She received a ton of applause. She stated her DMs are “like a Nike store” filled with blue checks and celebrities.

“Naturally, if you play a sport, that’s an incentive to talk to you,” Renner said. “A lot of times, women, men in general. Everybody wants something. Even if we have our own thing going on, it’s like me being with you is good because you boost my stock. I boost your stock. It’s that simple.”

“It’s a give-and-take, but you have to be aware of what you’re signing up for,” she said. “You’re trying to make it to the NFL. You do understand there’s a lot that comes with that, right? To be able to decipher who really loves you for you, I think that’s the billion-dollar question we’re all wanting to know.

“Nobody is here for nothing. It’s just about figuring out who can be here in times of adversity.”

The tactic isn’t one that is new. Both the NFL and NBA have used similar methods during their rookie transition programs. However, in this era where social currency is a valid and necessary component to an athlete’s “brand,” discussions around the pitfalls of the “power couple” concept and DM sliding are essential. It’s a topic I covered in detail in my book, “PostGame Pass.

Check out more from Brittany’s visit.



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The music is a bit dramatic, but if it gets maybe one athlete to think before he DMs, he might be able to avoid situations like the one Sacramento Kings star and serial cheater Tristian Thompson is in. Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy is being sued for child support by a woman claiming Thompson is the father of her unborn son. So she moved to California to be closer to Thompson (and those more favorable child support laws than in her home state of Texas.) According to TMZ, Tristian sent a text message offering $75,000 for her to abort the baby. He’s telling her he’s planning to “retire next season” and that an unemployed athlete won’t get her that much money…

Imagine if young Tristian had just worn a condom.

As for Brittany. She recently shared that this is one of the worst years of her life on her IG. She moved back in with her mother following her breakup with PJ weeks after they welcomed their son. Teachable moments.



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