Could “Bone Broth” Be The Next Sports Drink Hype?


How far are you willing to go for rehab? Bone broth is the latest health craze for athletes. Kobe Bryant reportedly uses this caveman concoction. The “meat tea” reportedly improves joint function, boost the immune system, and help prevent osteoarthritis.

“Bone broth” is a key part to the Paleo diet, that LeBron James used to shed those pounds before heading back to Cleveland last summer. The mixture is made up of meat, bones, herbs, veggies and water. It’s said to have better properties than Gatorade.

Injured Detroit Pistons Point guard Brandon Jennings has recently jumped on the programing after his boo Tae Heckard forced it on him.


lashontae ….”oh you’re gonna eat this. I don’t care what you think it look like” #rehabstartsathome #bonebroth #beefchickenorturkey #lookitup (get the bones from Wholefoods ( ask the meat man) or to a slaughter house, use a recipe off the internet.)


There are bone broth spots just like there are for juicing. A shot of the broth goes for about $8. You down to test some meat juice for better health?