Ciara, Russell Wilson & Baby Future Strip Down for Harpers Bazaar

In a feature for Harper’s Bazaar, Ciara opened up about her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, her son Baby Future, and the two babies she has on the way, the child in her stomach and her upcoming album.  As part of the rollout for the feature, Ciara and Harper’s Bazaar released a controversial photo of her topless, holding a naked baby Future, and a topless Russell hugging her pregnant belly from behind while his face is unseen.

On Russell Wilson:

When talking about Wilson, Ciara’s elocution is dotted with ellipses and hyperbole. Their relationship is, “even greater… just… so… amazing… awesome… It really is.” One of the greatest things about Russell, Ciara shares, is how he supports her: “When you know they’re going to be your champion, always in the corner…” I joke that her quarterback is a cheerleader, and she agrees.

On Baby Future:

Baby Future is all over Ciara’s phone. She shows me a video of him singing in a car seat dressed in streetwear the boys of Fairfax Avenue would save up and wait in line for. At 2, Future Jr. is already memorizing the stories his mom reads to him and dancing and singing on key. (At bath time, it’s Outkast’s “So fresh and so clean clean.”) He also, “loves sports and has a great arm, he can throw really well—it’s bananas,” says his mom. And he’s looking forward to being a big brother. “He’ll randomly pull my shirt up and be like, ‘I want to see the baby,'” Ciara says. “‘Hello, baby. How you doing, baby? I love you, baby. Okay, talk to you later, baby. Bye, bye.’ Then he’ll kiss me on my belly and put my shirt back down.”