Bruce Jenner Has New Docuseries Debuting On E! In July


If you thought Bruce Jenner was done with reality TV, you’d be wrong. Following Jenner’s ABC news special interview where he explained that he is living life as a transgender woman, comes the announcement that Bruce is heading back to E! for a new docuseries.

This eight-part special will give viewers an inside look at what Jenner’s transition means for the people in his life and how those relationships will be affected, while offering a better understanding of life’s many challenges.

The one hour series -which will receive a name later -promises an unfiltered look into this uncharted territory. I applaud Bruce’s courage to live out loud. But the ofact that a Kardashian affiliate is the first to open up this new world for viewers is an obvious irony you have to point out.

Bruce’s interview with Diane Sawyer was a massive ratings hit, with 16.9 million viewers tuning in.