Beyoncé Is A Fan Of Cari Champion And ESPN’s “First Take”


You see First Take host Cari Champion  keeping the calm and balance between Skip Bayless and Stephen A, Smith every Monday through Friday morning.

Cari recently launched her own podcast entitled Be Honest, that features Champion discussing sports with A-list athletes and celebrity guests. On the most recent episode, Champion talked about recently meeting Beyoncé outside of Flat Iron, in New York.  Cari said Jay and Bey told her they watch her every morning on First Take, Beyonce even called her baby when she asked if they could get a quick selfie in. The highlight of the story for the Bey Hive should be that Cari’s BFF Kendra spotted Bey’s body guard Julius, and told Cari “don’t go anywhere, he’s checking the perimeter, that means Jay and Bey are near”

You can check the story out at the 18 minute mark. This week the podcast features His & Hers’ host, Jemele Hill, the conversation centers around self-doubt and Tom Brady.