A Personal Lesson On Determination From Kobe Bryant

At on such workout, some of the top high school players across the city were in attendance. I was able to get my 12-year-old nephew on the list, because membership has its advantage. He was in junior high. Loved hoop, but was smaller and younger than all the kids there. He was determined to hold his own. T-shirt and shorts swimming around him, he was out there fighting and learning with older, better skilled players.

Kobe took notice. He pulled him out of drills to show him what moves he could use to his advantage as a smaller player.

I often would share with my friends in those brief moments I was able to interact with Kobe. I got to see a different side of him. Especially at this time, 2005 – 2006, this was pre the second title run and most people only thought of Kobe as a ball hog and possible dynasty killer. It was satisfying to see post-playing Kobe connect with a new generation and to see the person behind the persona.