2016 Is Starting Off Rocky For Iggy Azalea

2016 seems to look a lot like 2015 when it comes to rapper Iggy Azalea‘s music career. While Iggy has been busy being bridezilla while planning her impending nuptials to Lakers’ Nick “Swaggy P” Young, she’s also been prepping for the release of new music.

Unfortunately for Iggy, her label isn’t happy with what’s been created, so the Australian rapper took to Twitter to vent her thoughts:

“Bad news update:my record label Virgin/EMI seems to feel the response to my viral record “zillon” wasnt good enough & im not allowed a video,” Iggy wrote on Twitter last night, in reference to her recently-released track, “A zillion. I felt like it was dope so, whatever. ted cockle doesnt wanna see me shine. what can i say. Anyhow i could say ALOT – but ill keep it mildly professional. Just wanted to let some of you guys asking know whats happening.”

Iggy then when on to further explain to fans that she feels like because she leaked it for free, the label cooled on promoting it.

i think its that they wanted to put it on itunes and then when i leaked it and stuck by it being something free they wanted to come up with a reason to not pay for a video. thats my feeling on it, because they loved the song before i leaked it. anyhow i would never have agreed to putting it on itunes. im adamant about it only being streamable, so im happy its out there.

And that’s not all. After a 2015 that included a cancelled tour and tons of online slander from fans and other music stars and celebs, another rapper is dissing the future Mrs. Swaggy P.

Macklemore dropped a track entitled White Privilege II late Thursday, and Iggy was blasted as a “plastic” culture vulture.