2014 Recap and Happy New Year message from Jill


2014 was a huge year of transition for me personally, as well as for the site.Thanks to the NFL and Pepsi, I was able to attend my first Super Bowl – Denver made it not so exciting, but on the positive side, the polar vortex gave this LA native a slight break by not snowing on game day. I also took my first trip to Europe, spending a couple of weeks in Paris, and various parts of Spain. I even had the opportunity to check out USA Basketball as they won Gold too.

I broke one of the biggest stories of the year involving Paul George and his stripper baby mama drama. Plus, I had my first event, “Game Night with Jill Munroe”

Per the usual, I was able to work with a bunch of great brands, attends some fab events, and interview some of your favorite sport stars and celebrities.

The goal for 2015 is to provide MORE! There will be more video content on the site – make sure you subscribe to The YouTube channel, YouTube.com/StilettoJill– and my book series, “The Stiletto Jill Chronicles,” will drop soon – first book launching end of January/top of February, but more on that later.

In anticipation of all of that, make sure you’re following me on Twitter @StilettoJill, Instagram @StilettoJill and YouTube @StilettoJill Be apart of the movement or at least say you were a witness.

I want to thank you for taking the time read my site, e-mail me, tweeting and everything else. It’s still humbling to know that millions of people are interested in my perspective on sports and pop culture! If there’s something you interested in seeing on the site, e-mail me at [email protected]

Wishing you and yours health, wealth and abundance in 2015!

BRANDS – partial list

Verizon wireless NFL App, Pepsi, NFL, TV One’s “Verses and Flows,” Lexus, Marriott Hotels, Chevy Cruze, BET Network, Duracell Batteries,