Yankees Robinson Cano’s son’s mother wants an upgrade from her $500 monthly child support payment

*Feb 21 - 00:05*

Yankees Robinson Cano is set to become a free agent once the season ends and is looking to add to the $58 million he’s earned during his MLB career. But one thing that plagues most athletes has bypassed the slugger. Cano only wants to $500-$600 per month for his three-year-old son with Jackelin Castro who resides in the Dominican Republic.

Jackelin Castro says


Castro and the slugger, who made $15 million this season and $58 million in his career for the Bombers, have attempted to reach some kind of arrangement since February. That, she says, is when an attorney representing Cano came to her with a 10-year proposal that required Cano to pay between $500 to $600 a month, according to the report.

The pact outlined Cano’s rights to visit the 3-year-old boy who bears his name, but it also included a confidentiality provision stating that if Castro was in violation, she would be liable for damages of about $47,000.

Castro did not sign the deal, according to the report, but Cano has been making the payments. “The intention of him and his advisers was somewhat to intimidate me,” Castro said.

Cano says Castro is distorting the facts.

Cano issued a statement through his publicist that said in part that he has “gone above and beyond to care for my child including an agreed upon monthly stipend, a house, a car, insurance, school and other essentials for the baby and his mother as well as many other things, including toys and clothing.

“This is a private matter and I will not fight it in the media, nor will I say anything disparaging about the mother of my child or comment any further. I look forward to an amicable resolution that will allow me time with my son.”

Looks like someone put Jackelin up on game about what American women of star athletes receive in child support.