Woman suing Texans RB Arian Foster claiming he’s trying to force her to abort their child


Here we go again, another athlete caught up in “secret baby mama drama.” This time it’s Texans running back Arian Foster whose being accused of not only getting a woman – who is not his wife- pregnant, but attempting to force her to have an abortion.

In her lawsuit, the woman — who says she’s currently 17 weeks pregnant — alleges that after she found out she was with child, Arian “constantly harassed [her] to get an abortion for the child.”

Brittany also claims Arian “used family members to additionally harass [her] to get an abortion.”

Here’s the thing guys. It’s really hard to do retroactive damage control. No matter if the woman is really in love with you despite the fact that you’re married, Or is attempting an 18-year-money-grab. The fact remains that once she’s pregnant, you pretty much have to ride out with whatever choice she makes. You have the most control prior to conception, so why not make sure that there is NO pregnancy to have to concern yourself with. I know simply saying, “be faithful” may not be an option for all, but condoms, the morning after pill etc. all work before we reach this stage.

A few months ago, Arian shared things he would tell his daughter about life. One of the points he listed was holding a man accountable for his actions. With that said, if what Brittany is accusing him of his true, I hope he deals with the situation he put himself and his family in and handles accordingly.