Will Stephen A. Smith Be Bill Simmons Replacement on NBA Countdown?


Last week it was announced that ESPN is giving Bill Simmons his own basketball show and he would be leaving ESPN’s “NBA countdown.” The spin was that this was Simmons idea, but the “New York Daily News” is saying he was booted because of a power struggle with Sage Steele.

It’s not a secret that the “World Wide Leader” has struggled with NBA Countdown since it’s debut three years ago. The cast has rotated members including Mike Wilborn, Magic Johnson and Jon Barry. But Sage Steele has brought some stability to the panel and the skill set of keeping the conversation moving. Even when Bill Simmons is upset that that he’s not allowed to dominate the conversation.


Simmons possible replacement, Stephen A. Smith. Would a dynamic of Smith, Jalen Rose, Doug Collins and Sage Steele convince people to stop wishing NBA Countdown was Inside the NBA?