Why is Evelyn Lozada arguing with Chad Johnsons’s jumpoffs on Twitter?

Despite the quick divorce between Evelyn Lozada and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, it seems as if the two might be attempting to reconcile or at least exploring what went wrong. Little subtweets here and there, Chad even dropped a few clues in his Instagram photos referencing Ev as a slice of pizza (that came from an episode of Basketball Wives Miami where Chad said Evelyn was like the last slice of pizza in the box)

But alas, more women seems to be coming out of the wood works. And confronting Evelyn on Twitter is their go-to move. The latest incident happened on Saturday. The Jasmine Brand captured the Tweet exchange between Ev and a woman named Jessica who appears to have some connection to Ochocinco:

Jessica then responded:

And it’s all playing out on Twitter. Which I guess could be thought of as the equivalent to a web series. Remember when Chad had his dating show and I said the Twitter version of it was much more entertaining? Perhaps this “Ev & Ocho” can be filed under the same thing. :shrug: Basketball Wives Miami – but being shot at least partially in LA- is headed your way soon. That’s one way to keep you watching. That’s the only logical reason I can come up with that Evelyn is entertaining these women.