Which teammate married 1 of Chargers Shaun Phillips Jumpoffs?

I’m a firm believer that most athletes are as competitive in other areas of their life as they are in sports. They compete with each other with cars, jewelry, gadgets and women. So on Saturday when San Diego Chargers LB Shaun Phillps sent out the following tweet, an interesting conversation ensued.

I don’t know if there’s any internal strife on the Chargers. For all we know this could be in reference to a friend of Shaun’s that’s experiencing this. But let’s dig into the topic of teammate etiquette when dealing with players dating (or whatever) with the same woman. For the purpose of this conversation, we will refer to the two men as Teammate A (the one who was involved with her first) and Teammate B (the husband)

The usage of the word “jump off” indicates that the woman in question wasn’t a priority for Teammate A. In my mind, who a “jump off” ends up with shouldn’t mean anything to Teammate A because clearly the “jump off” wasn’t who Teammate A wanted as a significant other. Yes, that includes teammates. You can’t be mad because the next man found treasure in your trash. There are songs dedicated to this topic, “we don’t love these ho*s” “B****es ain’t sh*t but ho*s and tricks”. Teammate A needs to climb up out of his feelings.

I’m assuming that Teammate B was well aware of the “jump offs” history with Teammate A. Why? Because men and athletes especially love to boat about their conquests and if that conquest is new to Teammate B, someone will feel it’s their duty to let them know that they aren’t the first guy she’s dealt with.

Seems as if Shaun (or his friend, teammate, whomever) probably should’ve resolved the feelings he had for the jump BEFORE he let her get away.

But you can easily see how a situation like this could cause serious problems on a team. It’s a common practice for teammates to have locker room conversation about their latest conquest. But like I always say, men love a referral and that chatter often times turns into a stamp of approval. And it CAN be competition. But Shaun’s approach just made him (or the teammate he’s speaking on behalf of) look BITTER.

The real question, whose the teammate?