Where The Jocks Are: LA Courthouse; Terrell Owens, Marcedes Lewis & Chuck Liddell All Appeared In Court Wednesday

Since I live in L.A., I’m often asked where can you go to find the “ballers.” My usual response is anywhere. But now, I have a new answer, the LA County Superior Courthouse.

On Wednesday, January 4th there were 2 NFL stars, an NBA and an MMA legend there to handle child support issues.

– T.O. faced off with 2 baby mamas … in an effort to lower his monthly child

— MMA legend Chuck Liddell was there to handle money issues with his baby mama as well

— Jaguars star Marcedes Lewis had a hearing scheduled with his Baby’s mama… who he was spotted chatting with in the court house cafeteria.

– NBA Players Association VP and Washington Wizards player, Roger Mason jr. had a paternity hearing (he wasn’t there)

So, aside from that whole “baby’s mama thing” looks like you can catch your favorite jocks ( as well as a celebrity or two, hello Lindsey Lohan) in downtown LA on any given docket. Here’s a tip for you, cases such as these are generally handled on the 8th floor. Oh and it’s LA so make sure you’re camera ready. Paparazzi loom EVERYWHERE!


Curtsy to TMZ